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You Don’t Know ‘Till you Know

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I think that the concept addressed by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. regarding the fact that everyone has something to offer that you don’t know is incredibly true in all aspects of life. As human beings we each have our own experiences that create and shape our world view, affect our judgements, and impact our actions. I think that as an older brother I often have the tendency to believe that I know everything, and that I should be the only one handing down advice to my little brother who is 13 years old. Although I love him, I sometimes catch myself projecting a condescending attitude on occasions, especially when we debate things that may have multiple perspectives or solutions. We were raised with similar values, however our interests are quit different as he invests a large amount of time studying computers, video games, and web coding. Not to say that I don’t value his knowledge in these areas, but I often find myself tuning him out and not acknowledging his incredible amount of insight sometimes when we talk about things going on in our lives. For his age, his knowledge of technology and digital creativity is exceptional, however sometimes when I need help completing a task involving technology, I find that I may have too much pride to ask him for help just because he’s younger than I am. I can recall one occasion where we were setting up bluetooth in my car, and I refused to listen to his instructions, even know he was inevitably the one who helped configure the device after minutes of debate. Although a small example, the simply shows that regardless of  age, or even preconceived judgements of competence, there is always something that people can learn from one another that often provides insight or knowledge that could otherwise be overlooked.


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