HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Multi-Tasking and Listening

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With the increase usage of social media and the development of better technology, individuals have become more susceptible of doing multiple things at once. At times the act of multitasking can hinder us when it comes to listening to others. Before the Multitasking and Attention quiz, I thought that I would be one of the individuals that gets moderately distracted. But one that is still able to have some form of attention to the more important task. When I took the quiz I ended up with a score of 4 out of 7. A score between 3-4 represents individuals whom have moderately divided attention and may be experiencing challenges with focusing attention. Although I somewhat agree with the results, my impressions on how I multitask remain the same as they were before the quiz. I know that I tend to lose interest regarding some topics and begin to multitask. Regardless I am still able to keep some form of attention in which I am able to respond properly to a question that was asked or to a comment someone has made. I am especially able to maintain attention when it’s a one on one conversation. To me not paying attention in one on one conversation is extremely rude. That is why when going out to dinner with someone or having a small group gathering, I make sure to minimize my phone use so i’m not distracting myself from listening. Multitasking is a concept that can be somewhat easily fixed.  The main thing I can do to help minimize my multitasking is to become better disciplined and condition. To me, becoming disciplined is to be able to have better control of my mind. This would allow me to become a better listener over time and to be able to finish the task I have already started.  


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