HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Emoticons in Communication

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In general, I never use emoticons in an e-mail in order to remain and have a professional image about myself, on the other hand, I did use them frequently in online communication and texting. The many reasons why I use emoticons as my tool in my written communications is because it can clarify my intentions and my emotions in the writing.

As an example, in texting, I would use emoji’s at the end of each sentence or paragraph to interpret my tone of voice to make sure the reader does not interpret a different meaning or tone of voice. For example, if I make an inside joke or a compliment instead sending the text without the proper emoji as the laughing or smiley face, the person can presume that I might be insulting or mocking her. Without using an emoji as a representative of our face or intentions, people can misinterpret things which can cause harm, confusion, or difficulties in the relationship.

In my everyday online communication as facebook, messenger, or other media, it consists of the same concept and using of the emoji. I must use them in order to explain my thoughts and purpose of the message. Using emoticons in online communication and texting is important because we can express what we feel and what mood we are in the moment without making our reader confused or misinterpret our messages or ideas. We can use this tool to express our emotions without using our physical traits to express our thoughts and ideas without being in front of them to able to understand. Its a tool for us to able to communicate clearly and open to others in society.


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