HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

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When it comes to the emojis I often use, I find that at certain times they say different things about me. For example, as shown in the title, the middle 4 are often used because I’m a very affectionate and loving person. I like to send the heart with a bow on it as opposed to just the normal heart because it shows that the person I’m talking to is a gift. It’s cheesy, of course, but I like it. I use the heart eye one so much simply because I use it to uplift my friends, whenever they post a selfie I’ll often comment something along the lines of “daaaaammmmn 😍 who is she?? 👀💯”. I often prefer to use the blushing emojis over regular smiley faces because those can be interpreted as a symbol of my affection. At the same time, I also very often use emojis like the first and last to convey feelings of sassiness, sarcasm, and cynicism which are very pervasive in my day to day life. Often times they’re used in a joking or complaining manner, like if my friend compliments my appearance or something I can hit them back with a “bitch I know 💅🏻” or if, say, I forgot an umbrella when it’s raining I could say “it’s pouring outside and my dumb ass forgot an umbrella smh 😒”. Sometimes I can even (shortly) communicate entirely in emoji, like if a date went well I could text my friend “🍆✌🏻💣” and she would understand what I meant.

Were I to suddenly lose emojis, however, I don’t think I would be all that much at a loss. Granted, I think they’re really fun and certainly do help me convey points more clearly, but I generally write with great care in my choice of words, I’m more than happy texting with “proper” (read: not colloquial) punctuation and spelling and the like, so that typically also very much helps getting my point across. All in all, emojis are fun and helpful, but by no means a necessity for me.



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