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When i first arrived at CSUMB, I didn’t know what people would think of me. I knew that I would be judged and stereotyped, without actually knowing people, so i knew that i would have to make, and give off a good impression. After about a month or two, after my friends and I had become more comfortable with each other, we had the idea to tell each other about what our first impressions about each other were. There I learned most of the stereotypes that most of my friends had given me. There were many mixed opinions about me when different friends had first met me. Some friends said that i came off as an “asshole” simply because I had sort of an annoyed or mean look, and because i was from East LA. Others said that I came off as annoying or irritating because I would always volunteer to say something about myself, or I would always introduce myself in a positive way, which some saw as pretentious. I also got a lot of the more common stereotypes like a “wetback” or a “beaner” because I was Mexican. The more popular one seemed to be Athletic, which is a fairly good impression, but some still saw it as me being one of those jocks, who was an asshole. Over time my friends would discover that I wasn’t actually mean or an asshole, I like to think that I’m a fairly nice guy. The ones that turned out to be true were that I am a pretty athletic person, and that i’m super Mexican, like I love tacos, listening to Vicente Fernandez, and putting Tapatio on everything. In most cases Stereotyping isn’t really beneficial. Stereotyping is a way to express your judgments made upon others, from certain characteristics or traits that you have noticed in the past. Everybody is different, and everybody is special in their own way. Basically, don’t judge a book by its cover.


One thought on “Stereotyping

  1. What you said was true that everyone is different and stereotyping people can lead to false beliefs of someone and closing yourself off and not allowing yourself to get to know someone true self.


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