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“Slutty School Girl”

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A stereotype I have been given is going to a Catholic school. I went to a Catholic school from the ages of three to seventeen. I often was asked if I was rich, when my parents sacrificed many things to give my brother, sister, and I an opportunity to receive a good education. Every time I walked around in my school uniform people usually stared at me. It was uncomfortable, but by the time I was a junior in high school I stopped caring. I started to embrace that, yes I wear a plaid skirt and polo every day. People usually asked me if I was a “Jesus freak”, my parents are “loaded with money”, get things handed to me, and my school recruited people for sports. One that stood out to me was when I got hired at Starbucks my senior year of high school, I came in for my final interview after school. I found out months later that people I was close to at my home store actually judged me and said “Oh who is this slutty school girl? Some of these are completely untrue, but some of these are somewhat “right”. It’s always funny when you hear the first reaction of telling someone you went to a Catholic school. Every time I do, it’s like I can count on what he/she is going to say. Although, my parents are not “loaded with money”, I always abhorred hearing this. No, my dad is not in The Beach Boys, created the credit card swiper, or the founder of Bumble Bee Tuna. But to me, my dad is my hero. My dad was in the Marine Corps for twenty years and I would not trade anything for it. My faith is true, yes I believe in God and was raised learning about the Bible and how to treat others. When I think about it, you do not need to be religious to treat others with respect. However, I do not pray as often as I did going to Catholic school but I know I will always have my faith. My high school, Cathedral Catholic is an amazing school academically and through athletics, but this does not mean that we are “Jesus freaks, snobs, sluts, jocks, use mommy and daddy’s credit cards”. I feel like people can relate about stereotyping especially if it is similar to their personal experience. If you ask any person who has gone to a Catholic school before I am sure they will understand the stereotypes.


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