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I was just doing what my mom said

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All through high school, and somewhat still today, tests/exams were my worst nightmare and sworn enemy. I was a terrible test taker and it seemed as though no matter how long and hard I studied, I could never get a satisfying grade. My freshman year, I took biology and boy did it kick my butt. Not only did I find tests hard in general, but I also struggled with the subject. One night, I had been studying Β for hours for a bio exam I had the next week. Though after seeing how stressed I was, my mom told me to just relax and forget all about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken her too serious. I practically suppressed the idea of the exam in order for me to not be stressed and panicky.

Ultimately, I ended up forgetting about the exam until the day of the exam….. as I was walking to the class. As a result, I did not ace nor fail the exam. In my personal opinion, I don’t believe suppression is a good way of managing your emotions. I feel as though suppression is more commonly paired with more negative emotions and avoiding or masking them isn’t always the best. The way in which I can see and understand suppression of emotions is when you perhaps don’t want to hurt or affect someone else’s emotions.


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