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Happiness and chasing butterflys

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Happiness is something hard to find and when we go looking for it we often end up getting something temporary. I think that when Thoreau wrote this quote he was trying to say happiness is an effortless emotion. Often in life we end up trying to hard because we think the task at hand takes great effort. Happiness can be one of those things,If you go out and try to make yourself happy you might not find anything if you force it. An example of this is last weekend when i got off work early, I made a decision i was going to do something nice with my time and be happy. So i went to the mall to go buy a shirt because getting new stuff is one of the things that makes people happy. So I drove from work to the mall, I went into Zumiez  a chain skate shop and started looking around. I found two shirts that catch my attention one says Wu-Tang clan and the other is the album cover for Biggie Smalls where he is pictured as a child. So I looked around the store some more talked to some of the clerks and bought the shirts. Now I have these two shirts that I kinda but not really, I realized I just got them to get them and really gained nothing from the purchase.But while in the store one of the clerks noticed i was in my subway uniform and started talking to me about the job and somehow the subject of working at Zumiez (my dream job) came up. The clerk whose name was Jordan said they were actually looking for people to work there, so i turned in an application and i am now  hoping for the best. The point of the story is I came in there looking for happiness found it for a minute and later didn’t like what i had found, but from just being there and having a casual conversation I may get a job at a Skate shop which is a dream job for me at the moment. From me taking my mind of the goal of happiness and talking to someone i found real unsuspecting happiness.  I think moments like this is what Thoreau was talking about in his quote.


One thought on “Happiness and chasing butterflys

  1. I totally agree with you, we spend too much time trying to be happy and happiness is an effortless thing. Very good examples and well detailed, I enjoyed reading.


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