HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Emotions and Behavior

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Encounter Avoidance: Ever since a neighbor threatened to kill my dog I have intentionally stayed away from him or even passing through his home when walking my dog. The reason is because I get blended emotions when being near my neighbor. I feel scared and angry at the same time. Scared because what if he does one day kill my dog and mad because I cannot understand his reasons for threatening me about my dog.

Encounter Structuring: As mentioned in the first scenario I care a lot about my dog, but of course animals in general. When it comes to discussing whether animals should be euthanized or anything that is regarding animal rights I try not to discuss it with other. The reason is because I of course, do not want to hear different views when it comes to the aspect of animal rights because I do not want them to be hurt. I will get upset and fearful because I worry for our furry little friends.

Attention Focus: Every time a friend is about to tell me a story that they are extremely embarrassed about I try to focus in the content of the story itself instead of trying to imagine it myself. If I began to imagine the scenario than I might burst out laughing and of course, if this person is my friend I would not like to hurt their feelings.

Deactivation: When I get stressed I have the tendency of wanting to eat ice cream. Therefore, I use ice cream as a way to feel better or forget the situation that was causing me to stress. I noticed that behavior last summer towards finals. Of course, I am going to try and not let that happen to me later on this semester because I know it can be unhealthy.


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