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Emoticons do help

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Thanks to the advanced technology, emotions are now able to be expressed through text messages, and misunderstandings are more likely to be avoided.

While texting my friends, I will use emoticons once in a while to express my feelings toward something. The one that I use most often when texting with my friends is the one that shows I am laughing hysterically. I used to just type in “hahahahahahahaha” annoyingly long to let my friends know I am laughing, but now it’s just that emoticon.

Another instance that emoticons helped is when I text my girlfriend. When we first got together, we did not use emoticons. We only used words to text and express feelings. I have no idea when, but we started to using the heart and kissing emoticons in every text messages for years, even when we are not trying to say “I love you”, we still use those emoticons. We would stop using those emoticons whenever we were in a fight with each other, but after five minutes we would start to use it again. I guess it is our way of reminding each other of our love. It also makes me happy whenever I see her text messages because they will always be the most colorful ones when there are other notifications.

Now, all the text messages and love emoticons are more important to us as we are in a long distance relationship, with 15 hours of time difference. Of course, being loyal to each other having trust are essential for any relationships, but I believe the emoticons do help us to feel connected, and expressed our love to each other.


One thought on “Emoticons do help

  1. I can relate with the emoticons with many of my friends we just text but with my girlfriend i often use emojis and gifs or whatever modern technology has to offer. Sometimes we won’t even use words just emojis and gif and we can still understand what the other is saying.


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