HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Perceiving others

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When I met my little sisters first high school boyfriend I had a negative perception of him. At home, before I had met him, she had always told me things about him like he never pays attention to her in school or shows interest towards her in front of his friends and things along those lines. So naturally I had negative feelings towards him. On the first night he was going to come over to our house my dad and I were a little suspicious of how it was going to go. Would he be disrespectful and rude? Would he be nice and sweet towards my sister? She assured us that he was a nice guy and only acted the way he did because his friends made him uneasy. My dad and I continued with our suspicions though. When dinner was ready he had already been 20 minutes late and wasn’t answering my sisters phone calls. He was already off to a terrible start. Finally he showed up and greeted my dad my brother and I and we all sat down to eat. He had courteous things to say like “Thank you for having me.” and “Great house you got here” etc. but as the night went on and he continued to become more comfortable speaking his mind he began, once again, proving his immaturity. He was insulting towards my sister and and became less gracious throughout the night and went up to my little sisters bedroom right after dinner. My sister was so embarrassed and told us he was just nervous and didn’t know how to act. He left eventually and we continued the night without him. Eventually she broke up with him. His first impression ended up being his last impression in our family. Although that is not always the case, in this scenario, it was.


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