HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives


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I went to Davinci Design high school which is a really small school near the beach side of the LA area. Since it was a small school everyone knew each other quite well. One of the kids I met there was a boy named Alexis. I didn’t personally meet him for a while but people always said that he was the type of person to talk shit about everyone. So after I heard that i was like “ya know what screw that guy”. I didn’t even know the guy or talked to him and i just made up my mind that he was a bad guy. As the years went on i found myself being in mutual dialogue circles with him and instead of trying to get to know him I just kinda avoided him throughout high school. Even though i realize i never tried to get to know him he just has a negative Gestalt with me.

Also during high school One of my friends i met who i gave a positive gestalt i still look at in a positive manner. I first met my friend Ramon in ninth grade and i always thought he was a chill guy. I got to know him a lot as the years went on we would skate and hang out together a lot . But over time i didn’t realize that he was a little to much into drugs and getting messed up. I didn’t realize because I had a positive gestalt towards him even today I hear about how he’s getting in fights, selling illegal substances and often lying about things to make him seem more interesting. But i still look at him like hes just a chill guy, having a positive gestalt can make you judge people to a higher level even when they are doing wrong


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