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There are times at school that I have meet new people and learned a few things about them.  When meeting new people what they say to you the first few times that you talk to each other or interact with one another you will most likely remember.  I like most people have had past experiences of meeting new people and although you try super hard with all your might you still manage to judge and stereotype people and think of them a certain way.  When someone does not share similar values or beliefs as me I also tend to judge them but although I do that I am still kind to them although I don’t have much things in common with them.

When someone new comes around it is kind of hard for me to get used to it.  It takes a while for me to get used to the idea of someone new. It is also difficult when they have different values and beliefs than you.  It affects how I will perceive them from that point forward.  I know its bad to judge a person at first glance but I sometimes do and its weird when you judge them and then learn more things about them you can see how close you were to guessing what they are really like.

It can be hard  to find something in common with a person who doesn’t have similar beliefs as me because if someone doesn’t have the same or similar beliefs as me I kind of freak out and don’t want to continue talking to them because I automatically think of that they aren’t going to have anything in common with me and that I don’t want to know about them when in reality I don’t know anything about them because I am being stubborn and don’t want to take any time in getting to know who they are.  But if you just take the time in getting to know people before judging them I am sure that out will find something in common with them.

Even if I meet someone for the first time and start to stereotype them I still like to get to know them before making my final choice on if I like them or not.  I also enjoy learning about people with different backgrounds.


One thought on “Stereotypes

  1. same! I feel like i am the same way. I tend to look at people’s shoes and base my judgement off of that.


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