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Self Concept

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I believe that a person could tell a lot about me by the different kinds of medias I use. Television is one of the biggest medias that I use. I typically like to watch stuff like ESPN, Sports Center, MLB Network, and other sports channels. From this understanding, one could presume that i am very athletic and love sports. They would be correct, but if I were to mention that I also enjoyed watching other channels like the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network, or that i also love to watch comedic shows like New Girl, Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and that the Cooking Channels like Food Network were channels that I also enjoyed to watch, one might not know what to assume about me because i enjoy many different channels and I have a variety of taste when it comes to television. So what i’m trying to say is that, one really couldn’t know who I am, but one could assume that i like many different things including Cartoons and Sports.

I don’t really visit many websites, except gmail, or csumb.edu, but when I would look up something on the internet, it would have to be something related to sneakers. I am a big sneaker-head, and usually I look up release dates, prices, or reviews on shoes, just to try to gain a bigger knowledge of what these sneakers are made of. So I guess from my browser history, one could probably tell that I enjoy shoes very much.

Music is a topic that I have a wide variety of. There are many different genres that i enjoy listening to, as well as genres that i’m always excited to hear more of. The main types of music I listen to would be Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B, but i also enjoy Latino feel-good music and positive Latino Singers like Enrique Iglesias, Juanes, and, Mana. Also I love Country Music, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney being some of my Favorites. From this knowledge one cant assume what kind of person I am, other than the fact that i have a wide variety of music.

I definitely think that the media influences how we see ourselves. When i look at ESPN, and i see all these great ball players with big muscles, and a tall figure, it implies to me especially that, those are the traits or characteristics that any great baseball player should have. When i go on instagram or a sneaker website, and i see people wearing $1000 Yeezys, or the newest Jordans, it implies that i will never be as good or dress as nice as those people who have those things, and it changes the way i see myself, because i think less of myself because either myself, or my shoes don’t look as nice as theirs. Although Medias dont directly influence the way we perceive ourselves, we, as humans almost do it instinctively, without even knowing.



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