HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Going from Al”Right” to Al”Left”

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I never felt as out-of-place as I did when I first started college at CSUMB. I’m from a small mountain town called Three Rivers that borders with the Sequoia National Park and the culture there is completely different from what I see at this university. It’s fascinating how the big issues discussed here at school is basically nothing worth a damn back home and vice versa. My town is majority conservative and with that, I have been raised with ideals that are not nearly as popular out here at school. I’ve met a lot of people here from all over California and beyond, yet I still feel like I’m just from a different walk of life than those around me.

Up until my freshman year here, I had little experience with more…diverse people. I mean this as those whom are gay, trans, and any other descriptions that is covered by LGBTQ+. What’s funny is that I never even heard the LGBTQ abbreviation while I got to CSUMB. Furthermore, my freshman roommate was gay so he was my primary example of how a gay male behaves. He was a complete asshole…It had nothing to do with him being gay. he was just an awful person to live with or just be around. Fortunately, I have met several better people to set as a positive example for their community. Over the years since, I have learned much from the friends I made here from all sorts of backgrounds. I just hope I was as influential on them as they were to me.


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