HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Facing Obstacles

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I’m mostly stereotyped by the way I dress or mostly by where I live. They tend to automatically presume that i’m dangerous and untrustworthy, I don’t know a lot of English, i’m irresponsible and the most common of all, I got no future to be enrolled in college, have a job, or be my own boss. Not only am I stereotyped by where I live and look but it’s also because of my ethnicity because I physically look more Mexican than other ethnicity that I am people tend to think my parents are immigrants, non wealthy, and lastly uneducated enough to be in someone’s statues.

Fortunately all of these stereotypes are lies, i’m very proud to say that i’m the opposite of all of these stereotypes that people have been giving me because throughout the years. Sadly people tend to judge people because of the news or articles they read online or the news report on television, that when they ask me where do I live they rapidly start to minimize the conversation or try to avoid me. It was really hard when I moved to a school that’s 30 minutes away from home to have a better education. Student will automatically try to avoid me even the counselors or parents of the school try to avoid me from trying to achieve the high level classes.    It was hard to make friends in this school because I either had to fit in one group or another or had to have a talent or hobby to join a group. At the end I learned how to make a good first impression and communications skills to use to introduce myself to new people. I would try to volunteer in orientations and open houses to welcome new freshmen  this helped me a lot by meeting new people who also needed emotional support in the area.

At the end stereotype creates obstacles for people like me to tend to achieve goals, create stronger relationships with other people, or to seek better opportunities that can benefit us. In my perspective because of the stereotype it’s just minor obstacle that we have to face anytime but it’s also great challenge because we can prove as myself that we can reach and achieve any goal we are determined to succeed.


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