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Catholic School Boy Stereotyping

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Coming from an all boys Catholic school called De La Salle, I’ve been in numerous situations where I’ve been stereotyped in a variety of ways that are sometimes accurate, but in many cases humorously off mark of representing who I am. When people hear of my secondary school education I am often met with questions like “Are you super religious or something?” “Are sports a big part of your life?” or even”Are you rich or something?”,  which often makes me consider the fact that I have been given a unique experience in life apart from many others. Coming from this school I can genuinely say that my faith in Catholicism is very important to me, however in my daily life I don’t necessarily devout large amounts of my time to spiritual practices, rather I try to implement my belief in God through my daily actions and small prayers  subtly and periodically. As far as sports are concerned,  I will admit that my school had a staunch reputation for athletic excellence, and many considered students of our school to be “meatheads”or “jocks.” Although I did excel athletically and enjoyed my time with my various teams, my academics and schooling were always taught to be of more importance, although I often fell victim to poor time management skills as a  result of excessive time at various practices. Still, I would consider myself to be invested largely in my studies, as I was an AP and honors student, and I would take offense to anyone who deemed me as unintelligent. As far as economic status, I was lucky enough to be raised in a home where money was never much of an issue, although we were never as wealthy as some of my peers, and have gone through some financial tribulation, my family had many blessings that allowed for numerous opportunities as I grew. This came from years of hard work from my parents, who grew up in poverty, which I feel many do not understand, and simply believe that we have always been privileged which is not the case. In conclusion, I believe that these various stereotypes  are simply reflections of society’s perception of these social structures like private schooling, and rather the implication of religion in the schooling system, that may lead many to assign false attributes to individuals that are  largely inaccurate in most cases. Mostly I feel that this is a result of judging someone by things that are seen at face value, without taking the time to gather a deeper understanding of the person and their story.


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