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Bickering Friends

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Last year, during finals week, I went into the library with two of my close friends. We had decided to go into the biggest classrooms to watch a movie at 11:00 pm. The movie that we had been watching had been addressing a lot of  issues which were homosexuality, sexism, racism, and many more.

One of my friends had recently came into the United States a couple of years ago from Africa. His religion had a lot to do with how he felt about the topic that is homosexuality. He is of the Christian religion and I am Catholic but I don’t always believe in the same things. When it comes down to homosexuality, it really hits at home for me because my best friend for life is transgender and my brother is gay.

One thing led to another and we got into a heated argument over the topic. I was seriously upset and I began to shout and point my fingers at him. I felt like he was attacking the people who matter the most to me and I couldn’t allow him to speak so disgustingly over my best friend and brother.

When I first met him, I thought he was a chill open minded guy but the way he spoke about the subject upset me. We ended up talking about our opinions after we had a few days to cool down and we listened to what the other had to say.



One thought on “Bickering Friends

  1. This makes me think about the multiple ways one can look at an issue. Though I side with you in support of LGBTQ+ persons, I find myself looking from both sides about how people can find it a bight discombobulating; it is kind of a new thing and certainly is not “normal” in the sense that the majority of the population is cisgender and heterosexual and that biology, had it had its way perfectly, would have no homosexual or transgender people, but biology isn’t perfect. Because of that, acceptance of life how it is is important as well.
    Overall, engaging post~


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