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Too much too soon?

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Having layers when disclosing information is a good habit to protect ourselves from strangers. As the relationship gets closer, it is like what Shrek said, we will start to disclose information ourselves more and more.

I’m not the type of person who will disclose too much if I am not really close with the person that I am talking to. However, I can talk about anything and everything with people for hours, and normally it is with people who are older than me, without disclosing too much information. It is not that I don’t trust them, it is because I always take the chance to listen to people who are older than me as they are most likely more knowledgeable than me, so I will be able to learn more from them, instead of wasting time telling them about myself. Well, if they really ask, then I will tell, still not too much. It is a habit.

Things that I consider as “too much too soon” are things that are not related to the conversation, and someone brings it up all in a sudden, out of nowhere. Let’s say we are in a conversation about sports, but all in a sudden, the other person brings up about his or her own political views about Donald Trump. I will be like “Wow, I didn’t know Donald Trump can run that fast!” in my mind. Yet, if anyone is really disclosing too much too soon, I would not put the person into an awkward situation, or stop them from disclosing too much. I would still sit there quietly and listen to what they say. There must be something for me to learn, or at least know more about them.

Anyway, we have freedom of speech. As long as the words are not hurting and the speaker is feeling fine to say it, I do not mind anyone to disclose whatever they want.


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