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Self concept

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The television shows that people watch not only tell a fair amount about a person but also express the persons personality and likes. This also applies to the music we listen to as well as the social media that we participate in. We spend time and express our interests in ways that we find appealing to ourselves and that we also find entertaining as well as time consuming. The way we spend our time reflects on the person that we are and the person that we are also becoming. It is easy to find things out about someone by looking into someones media interests because as our world evolves they become more a part of our day to day lives.

In my own personal experience I enjoy spending time with people that have similar media interests. I believe that people acquire likes and dislikes for specific things in accordance to how they grew up and how they were raised. Interests are much more similar among peers in the same type of environment. Social media as well as online media in general continues to grow everyday and so does the amount of people who use it. Media will continue to change and grow throughout time.


One thought on “Self concept

  1. I agree the form of entertainment we indulge in does define who we are as individual. But there are many genres of shows and music with their own peculiar fan base. But unlike many there are many who like to associate themselves with those of different taste. Reason behind this is that it allows them to expand their knowledge and gives them a different view point. Which in turn would allow them to have a better understanding of others actions.


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