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The Effects of Media

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By seeing what kinds of media I watch and listen to, individuals would be able to learn that my taste in media crosses many platforms. In the aspect of music I tend to listen to almost all forms of music. But the main overarching genre I listen to is rock. From I would listen from soft rock like Billy Joel to alternative rock from the likes of My Chemical Romance and Bring Me The Horizon; then stretching to the side in which the Pink Floyd plays, which would progressive and psychedelic rock. From the hard beat of rock I would slow down at times and listen to classical pieces from renowned composers such as Frederic Chopin and Fritz Kreisler. Being able to listen to many forms of music shows that I am able to have an open mind to new experiences.

Meanwhile the case for television programs is a different aspect. I generally do not watch that much t.v. But when I do it is not any form of news or reality t.v. The news tends to be bias, so I get my news through different outlets and reality t.v. I view as pointless and uninteresting. The programs I do watch tend to be in the categories of educational, science fiction, psychological, or interweaves some form of historical facts. In the broader terms I like to watch programs that would expand m creativity or more importantly knowledge. Currently my favorite shows to watch are Black Mirror, Turn, and for comedy relief Scrubs. Those three tend to have some aspects of what I like to watch. Black Mirror is a psychological series, Turn is the story of a spy ring during the Revolutionary War, and Scrubs has many interesting facts pertaining to the life of doctors and actual diseases they tend to see.
I believe media does have an affect on how individuals see themselves. People would compare their unique lives to those they see, whether it be in television programs such as reality t.v. or in advertisement. People tend to look at the lives constructed for a fictional character and view themselves as a lesser being because they do not have a living a style similar to them. Meanwhile for music is a bit different. There are artist that create and sing songs about the luxurious lifestyle they live. Meanwhile on the other side there are others who sing about individuality and being comfortable with just being themselves. Either way media is having an effect on people throughout all ages. The only escape from this is to be isolated from technology all together.


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