HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Self Concept

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By knowing what types of television shows I watch someone could infer that I love to laugh and enjoy upbringing encounters instead of dramas or sad shows. By knowing the websites I visit one can probably tell that I am a teenager because I often visit sites such as twitter and Instagram. The types of music I enjoy is seen as more slow and I enjoy listening to it because it calms me down, someone could probably infer this by my music taste. I definitely believe the media influences how we see ourselves because it creates unrealistic body types and beauty standards.

I think I have a secure attachment. This can be seen in my last relationship. I was very close to the person I was with and I had no issues with intimacy and I actually enjoyed being close to someone else.

A time I can recall where I lost my face is when I was embarrassed in my APUSH class after getting back my first test score. I regained my face once my scores started improving and I saw that others were also getting similar scores to me. The process was much like the one explained in the text.

As for a label I have always been called “chunky.” This doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation but it doesn’t imply a positive connotation either. It’s better than being called fat, but it still makes me feel disappointed in my weight and appearance. This used to affect me more before I was in a serious relationship, since then I have come to terms with my body (most the time) and I am self-confident despite this label.

My Instagram is very cheery and has appropriate pictures and comments. My twitter is very different in that I often talk about things I wouldn’t share with an employer. If I could change it, I would erase all of my tweets about partying.

“Too much too soon” has never applied to me in a relationship because I often take a very long time to reveal any aspects of myself that I deem personal, especially my past. I have actually had a friend that shared too much too fast and I did initially alienate her, but since then we have become great friends. I just got the wrong impression of her when all she really wanted was someone to confide in.


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