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Self Concept

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Labels can be both bad and good and in my short lifetime I’ve had the pleasure of having such nice label attached to me. Since I was a child a positive label that I have always heard is that I’m always so happy and cheerful. No matter who I meet from classmates to teachers to friends and family I always get the same thing told to me over and over again which is that I’m such a happy cheerful person. This label to me makes me grateful and really appreciative that people think that I’m such a bright person. I hate being in situations where there is a lot of tension or upset feelings; I don’t like feeling that way so when I’m in situations like those I always try and bring up the mood by being this happy go lucky person.

However, with that label comes a kind of burden. People always think that I’m just going to be happy but I have days that sometimes I don’t always feel that way and it shows. When it shows its like this big shock for people and they get worried and concerned about me which is nice that they care but to me I don’t understand why its an issue that I’m not happy and smiling.  I’ve really had friends ask other friends if I was upset with them because of this and that just makes me laugh because I’m like “dude I promise I’m not upset,” but then their still unsure Being happy can sometimes be hard because everyday is different and things happen.

But because I like that people see me as a happy person I really make sure that I put my self in situations that make me happy. I use to always push myself to be happy because I did not like how other people reacted to when I was not and it made me feel bad. But I learned that sometimes you just go with it and its okay if my friends and family know because they just care. I glad that people associate me with the word happy because being happy and cheerful is a great way to live life.



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