HCOM 214: Interpersonal COMM & Conflict

Learning interpersonal communication skills to improve every part of our lives

Self Concept

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A label that I get often that motivates me everyday is, achiever. I am encouraged to follow my goals.Positive words like achiever or hardworking make me feel good about myself. Receiving positive comments from others helps me take the extra step to try something new even if I may not have the confidence to do so. It helps me realize that my close friends have seen who I am before I have. Before college I would be scared to break from my comfort zone.

I now unconsciously do what I initially would consider risk, and it is because at the end I realize the benefits it has towards my self-development and growth. A recent example, would be applying to be a residential advisor. At the beginning of the year I applied to be in Area Council and I turned in my application the day it was due even though I had it filled out before the deadline and the reason why is because I would constantly be doubting myself whether I had the capability or leadership skills to be part of Area Council. As the chapter on self mentions, I would compare myself to others and as a result it would affect my confidence to try new things. However, to my surprise I was accepted into Area Council. Basically, once I stopped comparing myself to others I tried out new things like the RA position which I applied without second guessing myself.

By being more involved like with Area Council I am able to build relationships with other students. This being my first year, I have arrived into a new environment where I do not know anyone. Therefore, I felt a little overwhelmed  because of the new environment and also by pressuring myself. I am the first in my family to achieve a higher education I was scared because I felt that my family had a vision of who I ought to be now that I am in college, but that was not the case. Due to the fact that I never had courage I felt that I could not reach my potential for success. By receiving a positive label it  prevents an individual or me from comparing myself to others or creating negative thoughts that affect one emotionally or mentally.


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