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Never a Social Expectation

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I have had many labels throughout my childhood some were negative as stereotype threats, but some were positive as hard worker or passionate, but there was one label that did affect me very young they would call me an unrealistic dreamer.

At first I, couldn’t understand why my classmates or friends wouldn’t join or support my actions or ideas as taking risk in having adventures or creating new experiences. For sure most of the time risks were involved in the situation, but it wasn’t something dangerous or impossible to achieve. I thought for some time that my wild spirit of exploration and learning new knowledge was the cause of it, at the end it was.

The reason why people in society labeled me as a unrealistic dreamer was because I was a female, I come from a minority group, and I belonged in the lower class of the society standards. Coming from the origins of Latin America and European made society and my community to judge and have fewer expectations for me in my education or my dream of pursuing a higher education for myself and my community. The second it was because I was a woman, I always volunteered and got internship opportunities around the city to work in courts, translation, hospitals or community events this helped me to become a leader and take charge of many clubs and events. The problem as that if I wanted to represent or to take charge many would say I couldn’t handle the job or take charge of a project because I didn’t have the “traits” or “qualifications” like men to take the responsibilities to take charge. The final one is being part of the minority group. Being part of a minority groups means having to deal with stereotype threats every day in society, and sadly many start believing it.

Overall from these experiences what really made the label “unrealistic dreamer” was that for me it translated to UNIQE. It explained everything I wasn’t a social outcast I was just unique and different than the rest of society. That motivated me every day to always try something new and to never stop being a dreamer and a risk taker to help, inspire, and motivate others to believe in themselves and persue their own dreams and goals.


One thought on “Never a Social Expectation

  1. I’m glad you never paid much attention to that label. Every person is a unique and has dreams of their own. I hope you’re able to reach for all your goals and dreams, and keep dreaming because that’s what life is for. Make dreams come true!


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